Enabling smarter cross-border trade in the MEA.

Tradekaiju connects commodity buyers to suppliers, provides exclusive access to comprehensive data,
intelligence and insights and aggregates investments and trade opportunities across the African and GCC markets in order to facilitate safer, smarter and more profitable cross-border trade.

Cross-border trade shouldn’t be so complex.

Facilitating trade and cross-border transactions in unfamiliar markets without local presence or partners is incredibly difficult due to many factors.

Inefficiencies like the paucity of accurate market insights, as well as difficulties in facilitating cross-border payments limit the flow of cross-border trade between Africa and the GCC and creates unfavourable differences in pricing across such trades.

However it is increasingly important to that cross-border trade flows easily as they give businesses easier access to a larger market and more competitive prices.

This is where TradeKaiju comes in.

Untrustworthy Trade & Payment Facilitation
Unreliable Market Information & Data Intelligence
Widespread Supply Chain Complexities

No Intermediaries = Better Margins

Buyers get instant access to verified suppliers and can compare offers from multiple suppliers to get the best deals.

Access to Key Data and Market Information

Valuable insights from supply chain, market data and policy info can unlock new business opportunities at no cost.

Enables Rapid Scaling to Drive Growth

Buyers gain capacity for rapid growth and adaptability, as they can easily scale in response to an increase in demand.

Reduce Reliance on Intermediaries

Sellers get direct access to buyers, allowing them identify and meet demand and thus maximize profit margins.

Increase Sales Efficiency

Sellers can promote available commodities on the platform and get matched to ideal buyers.

Reduce Operational Overhead

Helps minimize advertising, PR, marketing and operational costs. Provides access to funding information.

Access to Key Data and Market Information

Valuable insights from supply chain, market data and policy info can unlock new business opportunities.

Robust Trade Ecosystem

Investors get access to ecosystem allowing them to gain share in various markets without a physical presence.

Access to Emerging Investment Opportunities

Investors get access to opportunities in emerging markets and industries.

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Insights & Intelligence

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