Floral Trade - The Business of Cut Flowers

Date Posted: 2024-03-13 16:05:24

Floral Trade - The Business of Cut Flowers


Flowers are most popular as a gift choice for different occasions. There are multiple types of flowers; with some flowers having up to 150 species, and each species symbolising different thoughts and wishes. 

It is highly appreciated by women for its aesthetics and the underlying message conveyed by the flowers. They symbolize love, celebration, appreciation, etc. 

Beyond its value as a gift, flowers are also popular in other sectors and industries. Extracts from flowers can be used in the perfume/fragrance industry, pharmaceutical industry, beauty industry, culinary industry and many more.

Growing Demand for Flower

The global flower market continues to bloom, with notable trends and developments shaping its landscape.

Factors such as shifting consumer preferences, technological advancements in flower cultivation, and the impact of environmental sustainability initiatives are influencing market dynamics. Additionally, the rise of online flower delivery services and the integration of e-commerce platforms into the floral industry have opened up new avenues for market expansion.

The increase in demand for flowers can be linked to people’s appreciation of their sentimental values, aesthetic value, health benefits etc., attached to it. 

In 2022, the cut flower market value was estimated to be around 35 million dollars and it is projected to reach 45.5 million dollars by 2027.  

Top Producers of Flowers

The Netherlands, Ecuador, Columbia are the highest suppliers of cut flowers. Other significant producers include Colombia, known for its abundant supply of roses, and Kenya, recognized for its high-quality floricultural exports.

Top flowers in demand

The demand for flower types depends on the regions and their cultural orientation towards flower types. However, there are some flowers that are universally top choices. 

  • Rose flower: Rose flower is one of the oldest types of flower. It has over 150 species. It can be grown all over the world, but the Netherlands, Kenya, Colombia, Ecuador are the top producers of rose flowers. This flower is popularly associated with romance. 

  • Carnations Flower: It has 300 species and multiple colours. Top producers of this flower are: Colombia, Netherland, China, Ecuador, Turkey. Carnations are popularly known as mother's day flowers. 

  • Lily: The lily flower has over 100 species. Top producers of this flower are Netherlands, France, Chile.

  • Daffodils: It has about 13 main types, with multiple varieties that comes in different shapes and colours 

  • Tulips: There are over 150 species of Tulips with over 3000 varieties. The Netherlands is one of the top producers of Tulips.

Understanding the cut flower market in Africa 

Kenya is one of the top ten flower producers in the world. The horticulture industry in Kenya exports over 200,000 tonnes of flowers annually, valued at $900 million.

Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia are also top producers of flowers.

On a final note, the flower market is blooming with increased demands and more people appreciating flowers. To meet these demands, horticulturists are keeping abreast of different technological advancements to simulate different climatic conditions. This has led to the more regions producing flowers